You’re Sick. Now What?

You’re Sick. Now What?

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Since there was a page limit to keep the price low on the book (“Way of the Concealed Carrier“), several stories did not get published.  This is one of them.


You’re going to be sick one of these days, so do you still carry?

Being sick sucks, especially when its the flu season.  I can’t tell you how many times that almost every year that sickness goes around and comes back again in our family.  Especially when you have children.  It’s are real pain in the ass.  This past season has been the flu, high fevers, vomiting and some getting pneumonia.  This can really debilitate you and if you carry outside your home, you may be entering down the wrong path if something happens where you have to use deadly force.  But if you’re under the weather, you may not want to carry.  Especially if you are taking medication.

If you end up unholstering your firearm while you are under the weather, especially on medication, the police will be involved.  If they see that there is something wrong with you, they may check to see if you are sober or ask if you are taking any medication.  From there on, who knows where this scenario will take you.  What happens if an innocent bystander is shot and you were not 100% up to par because you were sick?  It may go downhill from here on out.  You will need an attorney.

So what are your options?  If you need to go out of the house, you can have a family member with a concealed carry permit (if constitutional carry is not an option) tag along with you.  If you have those of age and a clean background (no felonies, etc.) in your family, consider having them get their permit and the proper training.  Prepare them for the day that if any family member is sick, the other can take the responsibility.  This would be a great to have a family member that can protect the group while someone else is not at their best due to their sickness.  If you’re alone without anyone to help you, you will have to make a hard decision to carry or not, depending on your circumstances.

Your best option if you are sick is to stay home, unless you have to go to the doctors.  Not being at your very best can cripple you in making logical decisions, especially in a gunfight.  Have someone run errands for you or delay it for another day.  Reschedule things since your health is very important and you need time to heal.  Get plenty of rest to recoup your strength so can recover quickly.  This is nothing to play around with.  If you can’t focus, you have a fever, or very lethargic, don’t carry outside the house.

If you’re very sick, seek medical attention.


Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!!