TIP: Take advantage of the Windshield Sunscreen to Hide Your Firearm

TIP: Take advantage of the Windshield Sunscreen to Hide Your Firearm

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Do you have people snooping around your car?  Looking for a way to hide anything related to your firearm in your vehicle?  Would you like to prevent prying eyes from seeing you reholster your sidearm while sitting in your vehicle?

As a firearm owner, you really want to keep a low profile. I don’t like people knowing that I am armed and I don’t like getting questions about why I shouldn’t carry.  I especially don’t want people seeing me with a firearm in my hand when I am transporting it from one holster to the other.  Someone may freak out and call 911.  And with today’s news broadcasting one sided information about firearm owners being irresponsible and dangerous (just to make their ratings higher), there is more of a prevelant fear of people who are carrying, especially with those who are responsible firearm owners.  Yes, completely unfair, but it is changing people’s realities to a slighted point of view.  So we must be extra cautious on not frightening the sheep.

I have a holster mounted to my vehicle and I am always looking around in the parking lot to make sure the person parked next to me is not seeing what I am doing or someone just walking past my vehicle.

I also don’t want to be targeted by criminals who wants to relieve me of my sidearm or a person who may see me with a firearm and report me to the authorities because they don’t know I can legally carry.  So what do you do to keep yourself under the radar while your moving your firearm from one holster (like your hip) to another holster that you may have mounted in your car?

What I do is use one of those windshield sunshades that covers my entire front window.  If you have tinted windows (recommended) it makes it a little darker inside your vehicle and it’s harder to see inside when your standing outside looking through the side windows.  When people are walking in front of your vehicle and looking in your windshield, if you have your windshield sunscreen up, they won’t see you inside making that transfer between holsters.

A windshield screen is pretty inexpensive, plus it keeps your vehicle cooler and protects your dashboard from the sun.  I use mine all year long. It has helped me with blocking people seeing me moving or adjusting my sidearm and keeps those peeping eyes from seeing my mounted holster in the car.  Those people who like to look in car windows are looking for something to steal and if they see something firearm related, they will make the attempt to burglarize your vehicle and try to find your firearm.

Since there are a lot of video cameras in parking lots, having your privacy in your vehicle is also a plus. I like my freedom and I don’t like people in my business (like mostly everyone else out there).  So if someone decides to review a video tape and they see you in your car moving your weapon from one location to another, they may just write down your license plate and contact the authorities.  So I like to use my sunscreen shield to avoid any headaches just in case someone decides to jump the gun and report me for something I can legally do.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to stay off people’s radar, I recommend getting a cover for your windshield.

To recap, get a sunscreen for your windshield and tint your windows (if possible in your state) to avoid misrepresenting yourself as a bad person with a firearm instead of looking like a responsible gun owner.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!!