Reholstering with Extreme Caution

Reholstering with Extreme Caution

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How quickly do you reholster?  Have you ever had an accidental discharge while reholstering?  Where is your muzzle pointing after you reholster?

I have been reading several stories about people having accidental discharges and these are real scary stories. It makes me sick in the pit of my stomach of how these people must feel from the pain and the embarrassment. Some people have injured themselves so severely that they have died from blood loss.

When it comes to holsters, you have to make sure that you have the right type of holster for your sidearm and that there are no objects in the way that can press the trigger. I remember one story of a leather holster that had a piece of the leather dog eared and when they reinserted their firearm, it got caught in the trigger guard and the trigger was pulled.

Some reinsert their firearm so quickly into their holster that a piece of their clothing got caught inside the trigger guard and again, an accidental discharge. You should slowly reinsert your firearm back into its holster. There is no race to get it back in, just out of its home when you need it in an emergency.

To avoid any injuries to yourself or others, you must make sure you have a quality holster. Yes, they are expensive, BUT, they are going to be of great quality and when it comes to safety, especially with a firearm, it will protect you from an accidental discharges compared to a crappy cheap holster.

Where is you muzzle pointing when its inside your holster? I have read and seen several accidents by those who carry their firearm appendix style and they shoot their junk off by accident. I don’t have anything against appendix style, it’s a great position to quickly draw from, but no matter where you carry, there will be some cons and pros. I like to keep mine pointing away from any of my body parts since I love them and very attached to them. I don’t want to injure or lose them.

When you practice drawing, you should ALWAYS carefully reinsert your firearm and make sure the area around the holster is clear of any objects (like a shirt, sweater, jacket, etc.) to prevent any type of accidental discharge. If it doesn’t feel right when you’re slowly reinserting it, then there is a problem. Don’t ignore this. It may feel different, and there is a reason why it does. Something is in the way and you need to quickly investigate to make doubly sure that it is safe.

I have sat in my car and transferred my firearm from my vehicle holster to my hip holster. When I reinsert it slowly and if it doesn’t feel right, I STOP immediately and withdraw my firearm. I will put my sidearm back into my vehicle mounted holster and examine my hip holster. Yep, my jacket got in the way, or my hanging shirt fell inside my holster and reinserting it did not feel correct. So whatever the problem, fix this before reinserting your firearm back into its holster. It will save you life and also a lot of headaches.

Remember, quality holster, reinsert you firearm slow and safely into its home and if it doesn’t feel right, stop what your doing and investigate.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”

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