New Carriers Being Misinformed

New Carriers Being Misinformed

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Do you have a concealed carry permit? Do you use it? Why get a permit if you’re not going to carry?

I was sitting at a restaurant near a booth where a group of people started talking about concealed carry. The subject came up by one person and the rest stated to chime in that they have their concealed carry permit. They were all shocked that each person across the table had a permit, but none of them carried a firearm. I did a double-take on this one. They all got their permits, but no one ever carried a pistol. So what’s the point? Is it some kind of recognition from their peers that they have a permit because its possibly cool? Is it an ego trip thing in having a permit? Just remember, a permit is not going to save your life while your life is being threatened.

Then the conversation ensued where one said she would not carry because if someone had a gun pointed at her, she would not be fast enough to draw, even with practice. Why would you draw your firearm when someone already has one pointed at you? You never draw on an already drawn firearm. You wait for your opportunity and make the decision if you’re going to draw or escape somehow.

Then one mentioned that the restrictions were too much in the state, so they don’t carry, but they have their permit. What restrictions are preventing this person from carrying a firearm for self-preservation? The reasons were never mentioned. One said that they had a .22 and another said that a .22 will not create any damage but just graze a person, so that would not be a good choice of caliber for self-defense. Seriously? A .22 will get the job done and is used frequently for self-defense. More than you would expect.

Another mentioned that they could not kill someone if they were attacked. Really? So you’re just going to let someone else take your life and that’s okay, but not okay to defend yourself. Do these people really listen to what they’re saying? The point of shooting is to defend yourself and stop the threat. The intention is not to kill someone, but to stop the threat. Chances are good that they may survive, but if they lost their life, that’s no fault to the defender. That person chose to use violence and because of their poor life decision, they suffered the consequences.

Then they talked about active shooters. One mentioned that you don’t need a firearm to protect yourself from an active shooter, just walk up to them and have a conversation and talk them out of harming people. I really don’t know where these people get their information from or what planet they came from, but that’s a real bad idea. Why would they care about you if they are shooting up the place? They’re not in the right frame of mind. They are there to murder people and talking to them is not going to change their mind. These people in the booth most likely have been getting their information from the news media, social media or Hollywood movies/TV shows. These are horrible places to get your information from.

So after the exchange of advice (misinformation) from each other, they all agreed that carrying is a bad idea. WTF?

For those new to concealed carry and firearms, get some training from an expert and listen to those who are experienced in carrying a firearm. When you have a group of people with little to no experience and they all give each other incorrect information, that’s where problems begin and someone will end up in prison because they got misinformation. I just cringed and I really wanted to walk up to these young folks (they were in their early 20s) and educate them, but it’s really none of my business. If I had a stack of books (way of the concealed carrier) in my truck, I would have handed them a free copy so they can learn the lifestyle of carrying concealed and use the many resources listed in the book to help further their education around the subject. If you’re an experienced person, take someone under your wing and help out those new to carrying concealed. A friend of mine did it with me. He sparked my interest and I purchased as many books I could get my hands on, watched videos from the experts and joined a concealed carry organization. Plus I practiced, practiced, practiced.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”

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