Monthly EDC Checkup.

Monthly EDC Checkup.

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Are you ready when something goes down?  Is your equipment ready for action?  Do you take care of your equipment? 


Many of us carry tools on us on a daily basis.  We call them our Every Day Carry (EDC).  Some of us will carry a sidearm, keys, a gun belt, multi-tool, flashlight, a knife, cell phone, money, maybe a backup firearm.  These items are very important to have.  A flashlight when light is needed.  A knife when the occasion comes up (box cutter, cutting rope, for self-defense, etc.).  A multi-tool to repair items or get you out of scrapes.  A cell phone for emergency purposes.  A gun belt to carry your tools.  Keys for your home and vehicle.  A firearm for obvious purposes.   

You carry some or all of these items daily, but do you do any preventive maintenance to them? 

It’s very important to make sure your tools are up to par.  Is your knife sharpened?  Does your flashlight have fresh batteries?  Is your firearm free of fuzz, oiled and ready to go?  Are your bullets in good condition from the elements?  Is there rust on your multi-tool?  Are the knives sharpened on your multi-tool?  Is your cell phone charged?  Is it configured to get the most out of your battery? 

If you’re not prepared and something happens where you need to use your Every Day Carry (EDC) what do you do then?  Run home and throw a fresh battery in it when you need it most?  Is your knife dull and will not cut even a sheet of paper?  For those of us who carry daily, we must keep our gear ready to go without any surprises.  They can be a life saver when needed most. 

Right now, set up an automated reminder to check your gear every month.  Yes, you can set this up on your cell phone.  I have mine set and I go through everything, even checking my holster for cracks or for loose screws which need to be tightened.  Sometimes I will check my sights on my firearm to make sure they are still aligned.  Always be prepared.  Don’t put it off until later.  You may need it at that time.

So make sure you take care of your EDC since it will take care of you when you need it.  


Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!! 

Grandpa “G” 


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