Do You Have a Backup Holster?

Do You Have a Backup Holster?

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What do you do if your holster breaks? Will you be able to repair it? Do you have to send it into the manufacturer?

I have always told myself to have a backup just in case there is a failure. If I don’t, I am pretty much screwed and will suffer the consequences later. For example, I carry a flashlight that is perfect for my EDC (Every Day Carry) and when I dropped it and the light broke, I tried to find a replacement. Unfortunately, the place I bought it from stopped selling them. I drove all over the place and surfed the web and could not find it.  I ended up getting a hold of the manufacturer. They told me that this particular light will no longer be made.

What!!! It’s perfect for EDC, the right size, very bright (150 Lumens) and compared to other replacement flashlights, there was no comparison.  The other flashlights I looked at were too big and bulky to carry in my pocket. But like most big companies, they keep changing things and get rid of products that people are attached to, which forces us to find an alternate company.

I finally found someone on Amazon that sold them, it was a few bucks higher than I originally paid for, but I bought three more and have them waiting in the wings to replace the one I have in case the one I carry fails.

Now when it comes to holsters, mine broke yesterday. The Kydex around the screw that attaches to the 2nd Kydex layer to hold the firearm in place broke. Now I have been kicking myself lately since I should have ordered a backup years ago. There is a manufactures lifetime warranty on the holster so its covered for a replacement, but it will take 3 -5 business days to get one after they receive it. So this makes it difficult to carry a firearm without a holster. I do have a floppy holster that I use for around the house, bu now I would have to carry it in my pants, but I would have to retrain myself on drawing and by the time I get comfortable with it, I would receive my replacement holster and start retraining on that one again.

This makes it difficult since I may have to go unarmed for 3-5 days until my replacement arrives. So I will have to use my floppy holster for now and suffer until my new holster arrives. So a word to you all, have a backup holster in case yours does break and you won’t end up in my situation of enduring some other method of carrying. Remember, ALWAYS have some type of holster for your firearm to protect the trigger so you do not end up injuring or killing yourself or others.

The reason why I have been putting it off is that the price of a really good holster is expensive. This one is around $150, its so comfortable I don’t even know I am wearing it. It’s of good quality and has been everywhere I’ve been and it’s a part of me since I carry daily.

Now I will have to get a replacement and order another one just in case it happens again. You may have to take a look at your EDC and determine if you need to have a replacement sitting around just in case that company goes out of business or the product is no longer available and the companies replacement is not worth the effort. Like the car that I purchased years ago was a six cylinder and got around 40 MPG. Then they stopped making it, the company downsized it to a four cylinder and its just a crappy vehicle with less horsepower and poor gas mileage. Just making a point that some company decisions don’t think much about their customers needs but instead focused on making money.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”


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