Do You Carry Inside Your Home?

Do You Carry Inside Your Home?

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You’re at home, which should be the most safest place on earth, so why carry a firearm?  I mean, what can go wrong?
Our homes should be a safe haven and nothing of a violent nature should be happening there.  We should never be scared to be in our home.  It should be our happy place.  But the reality of it all, anything can happen at any time.  No one should be living in an environment where it’s not safe.
On a side note, if there is violence in your home, you should get out of there now!


But unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are those who will take the chance of harming you in your own home.  You should not live in fear, but be aware that things do happen and that not all people are like you, a law abiding citizen with morals and values.  Events do happen in people’s lives where it makes such a large impact that morals and values change and in some cases, they believe that law doesn’t pertain to them.  Unfortunately to some, life has no value and taking this away is nothing to them.

Don’t live in fear, especially in your own home, but always keep your wits about you.  You may live an entire lifetime without any incident and I am glad that nothing has happened to you.  But those close to me that I have known most of my life, who have lived into their 80’s and 90’s have been attacked in their own homes.  They have never had a violent incident in their entire lives until that that horrible day happened.  Criminals and those who have mental issues don’t care about age or anything else when they attack people.  They have a different mindset than you and I.

So are you prepared if something unfortunate may happen in your own home?

For many American, a firearm is a great equalizer no matter your age and health.  With proper training, practice and following the four universal firearm safety rules, you can be prepared to defend yourself in your own home just in case something does happen where you have to defend yourself and your family.  Yeah but “G”, the police will be there to protect me when I call 911, so there’s no reason for me to be armed in my own home.

According to the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), in an article posted on February 2016,  EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY TO DECREASE LAW ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE TIME  – “While calling 911 in an emergency has been around for ages, it can take too long from the time an emergency is reported to the time officers arrive on the scene. The average school shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, while the average police response time is 18 minutes.”

Think about that – 18 minutes.  Do you know how much can happen in 18 minutes?

Let’s dig a little deeper.  You’re at the dinner table, located near the front door.  There is only one exit nearest you and it’s that front door.  A family member is about to enter from the front door.  You hear the key go inside the lock, the key is turned, and you see the face of your loved one coming inside.  Then within a split second, they are pushed through the door by someone whom you’ve never seen before and they present a deadly weapon in their hand threatening you and your family.  Your cell phone is upstairs, your home phone is a distance from you and there is no other exit except the front door.  You’re stuck in the kitchen defenseless.  What now?  Within just a couple of seconds, someone of a violent nature has just entered your front door without a key and you’re unable to call 911 for help.  You feel completely defenseless and helpless.

Let’s say that you do have access to your phone with the same scenario above and actually have been able to reach 911 for help.  They are 18 minutes away.  Now what?

Every minute feels like an hour.  You’re on minute ‘one’ since the intruder entered your home armed and you have 17 more minutes to go……  Situations like this are not uncommon.

Police are reactive in most cases when crimes are commited.  Meaning, they are called after the fact.  They can’t be everywhere, especially with such a large population of people to protect and serve.  Why not turn the tables where you’re able to defend yourself and not wait forever for the authorities to arrive?  Most concealed carriers carry their firearm on them from the time they wake up until the time they go back to bed.  I always keep my firearm hidden while walking around the house and it’s always on my person.  I don’t want to be a victim and you shouldn’t either.

Carrying a firearm on your person (hidden on your body) gives you the element of surprise if someone decides to enter your home and they wish to do you and your family harm.  I do not want to be ambushed in my own home.  Remember, ambushes are surprise attacks and they happen within seconds and you may not have any time to react right away.  That’s what an ambush is, it’s a surprise!!

There are two 911 calls that are talked about in the book “Way of the Concealed Carrier“.  Both recorded calls are of an intruder breaking down the door and those on the other side of it were on the phone seeking help from 911.  One person on the phone told the operator that she was armed while she was talking to them.  And after the door was busted down, she did not become a victim.  The other 911 caller was not so lucky.  She was screaming for her life and the phone was disconnected by the intruder.  The calls lasted around two minutes while someone was outside their bedroom door trying to kick it in.  After that door was breached, their lives changed forever.

As a firearm owner, there is nothing wrong with carrying a sidearm on your person while at home.  Some people have firearms hidden in their homes for home protection, but there may be conditions that may limit your chance of accessing them within a certain amount of time.  They may be out of range, or you have medical issues where you are unable to reach your hidden firearm in time.  So carrying on your person all around the house may give you the greatest advantage over your enemy.  Having extra firearms is also a good idea as a backup or arming a family member if warranted.  When I have to take the trash out in the morning, it takes a little extra time to get dressed, but I go out armed.  When I work in the gardens, I am armed.  During our BBQ parties, I am armed.  Answering the door (like the pizza delivery person), I am armed.  I think you get the point here.

In a nutshell, carry all day, every day, even at home.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed“!!!