Bang!! Bang!! – Your Dog is Dead.

Bang!! Bang!! – Your Dog is Dead.

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Are you an irresponsible pet owner?  Do you always keep you dog on a leash?  Has your best friend been trained by a professional in the way that they will obey every command that comes out of your mouth?


What a horrible and scary title, gut doesn’t it grab your attention and think?  I agree.  I was going to publish another article today until this event just happened to me.

As a responsible firearm owner and a concealed carrier, I carry daily and everywhere lawfully possible.  Early this morning I decided to break routine and take my pooch for our normal walk around the neighborhood.  After about a 5 minute walk, out of the corner of my eye, a big dog came out of a garage, where his two human companions where pondering about their boat with their backs turned to me, started to rush us.

He was over a hundred yards or more away but was closing the distance fast.  I started to yell at the dog as loud as possible to stay back.  Yep, my mind was locked into, oh the dogs really going to listen to my commands.  Stupidity on my part.  Now with dogs, they are faster than humans and being trained to get off the “X” in this case was not going to happen.  I had a split second to react and with a pooch in one hand and another charging me, my options were clear and present, defend myself.

I have been attacked by dogs before, even a two pack of Rottweilers, in an upscale neighborhood, which did not end well for me at that time (I was unarmed with my dog inside my pickup truck barking light crazy as I was attacked).  Just as I was about to drop the leash and go for my sidearm, the family of the dog started screaming for the dog to come back.  In their minds, oh my dog won’t harm you.  In my mind, I do not know the intentions of this beast and I must defend myself since this dog is charging us.

The dog stopped and turned around and headed back to its owners.  As I walked by them, I thought I should make my announcement that I am armed and a situation could end very badly.  But then I remembered my training about avoiding conflict and de-escalation.  If I told them I was armed and could have shot their dog, they may take this as a threat and it could go badly after that.  This is a family member of theirs.  But in their minds, big fluffy is innocent as the pure driven snow.  It could escalate the situation even more.  Plus now a complete stranger knows that I am armed and if I ever bump into them again, they may try to escalate the situation again.  So I just kept walking and quickly got out of that area.

A word to the wise… Keep that pet on a leash and don’t have them run around freely unless they are fenced in or on a leash.  The day before I saw a young lady, with four dogs running around her, taking out the trash.  Do you think she would be able to control all of these dogs if they decided to go into pack mode and attack another person or dog?  ALWAYS keep your pet under control.  If you’re going to have them off of a leash, then they must be trained and certified.  I have heard of trained dogs that have taken down criminals without harming them.  They get them down to the ground, stand on their chest and get their face in theirs and growl or bark.  I have a friend that sent his dog out of state to get his dog trained to protect his family and still have control over the situation.  If you’re going to have a pet that will be off the leash, they MUST be trained and listen to commands.

I am going to share some dog stories with you were a firearm is involved.  Be a responsible firearm own and a responsible dog owner.  If not, you’re putting yourself into a bad situation where your dog will get shot, you yourself may be armed and emotions may rise and who know with two armed people how this situation would end.

As you read these, you’ll notice a pattern, things I have already mentioned.  Dog attacks happen way too often and as dog owners, it is our responsibility to keep them under control.  Enough said!!


Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!! 

Grandpa “G” 

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