Answering the Door While Armed

Answering the Door While Armed

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Do you answer your door while armed?  Or do you keep it somewhere safe just in case something happens when you open the door?  Do you have a peep hole in your door(s), a video camera to see who’s knocking or some other method to see the faces of those at your door?  If not, you should put something in place to see who your visitors are.

The strangest thing just happened to me today.  I was working on my kitchen sink and someone rang my doorbell feverishly (several times in one second).  I know, that’s annoying to some, but I thought I would check it out.  I stood up, brushed myself off, walked towards the door and put my hand on my sidearm.  I walked very quietly and looked out the peep hole.  No one was there.  I kept staring, feeling that someone was there but I couldn’t see anyone.  My hand was still on my sidearm waiting to see if something would happen.  I continued to wait and I finally saw a man in brown pants and a jacket walk away.

So I thought to myself, okay it must be a package being delivered.  I waited for the guy to reach the street and then I opened the door.  I looked at my stoop and there were no package.  I looked at the street again and the man turned around and said “there you are”.  He had an ID badge hanging around his neck and a clipboard in his hand.  Right off the bat, my gut was telling me that something strange was gong on.  I asked  “who are you”.  He wouldn’t answer.  Then I asked what was his reason for being here. He just smiled and said, “I am Dave!!”

I said, “I don’t know you Dave.  What’s your purpose here?”  He never answered my question.  Then he said “Why are you angry?”.  I wasn’t angry, just stern since he was avoiding my questions.  I then replied, “Dave, you’re not answering my questions so I am closing the door”, then I closed the door and locked it.  Now keep this in your heads, you don’t have to be polite.  If someone is getting near your space, you can put your hand up and yell out loud and tell that person to stay away.  Remember, this guy was hiding around the corner when ringing my doorbell, so this is a flag and I do not know what this person’s intentions were.

I looked out the peephole again and watched him as he got into his beaten up black van and drove away.

Now I don’t know the reason why this person just picked my house.  He probably saw my car in the driveway and decided to knock on the door to see if someone was home.  I don’t answer the door unless I know the person.  Otherwise, they can talk to the peep hole or I just don’t answer.  There are plenty of stories out there about how people answer the door thinking the person is making a delivery, they claim that they are from the home owner’s association, selling candy or cookies, pretending that someone is hurt, etc. and they are not actually who they say they are.

If someone is claiming that they are hurt and needs medical attention, tell them through the closed door that you will call 911 for them.  And don’t open the door!!  There have been instances where a woman knocked on the door asking for help, the door opens and a group of bad people push through the door and what happens next is not pleasant at all.

Cameras pointing at any entrance to your home are great way to see who the person is.  If you have more around the house you may be able to see if there are accomplices waiting around the corner.  If they decide to break through the door, remember to follow the universal firearm safety rules.  For example, shooting through the door is not a good option.  You don’t see your target and you don’t know what’s behind it.  You don’t want to accidentally fire a round through your door and it penetrates through your neighbor’s house and someone gets struck.

Depending on the laws of your state, you may not be able to shoot to defend yourself in your own home.  You may have to do everything possible to escape your own home and wait for the police.  If you can’t get out, you will obviously have to defend yourself.  If your state has Castle Doctrine, you may be able to defend yourself in you own home and not be sued by the family of the criminal that you defended yourself against.  Each state have their own version of Castle Doctrine, so you will have to look into your own state’s law or speak to an attorney.

If castle doctrine is enforced and someone is attempting to break down your door, seek cover and if you have time, call 911.  Once your door is breached, you may have to defend yourself with your firearm.

So if you are going to answer the door, make sure you’re prepared just in case you have to escape or defend yourself and know the laws surrounding protecting yourself in your own home.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!!